Curious as to what the Latin in our logo means ... sola gratia = grace alone        sola fide = faith alone        sola scriptura = scripture alone



Elementary School        Middle School


 Providing a quality education for students of all faiths


K - 8th August

 What's Happening


14th - K-8 Open House 5-7pm 

16th - 1st day of school - noon dismissal



Preschool August

 What's Happening


14th - Open House 6:30-7:30pm

21st - 1st day of school

2017-18 Supply List

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Useful Links / Tools

FACTSLogo    'sign in' for St Luke's students parents (tuition payment site)

logo-renweb - grades, school calendar, homework notes and much more (be sure to check out the app for iPod, iPhone & iPad .. there is a $4.99 per household annual fee, but it allows you to stay logged in for super quick access)

Helpful tools for interpreting your child's MAP test scores

The MAP testing scores can be difficult to decipher. The following video "Read My Child's MAP Report" by Alan Buttimer will help explain how to read the scores. Or you can view or print out the pdf 'Parent's Guide to MAP' by clicking on the 'document' button below.